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Aug 23 2014



This is amazing work by Taryn Simon.  The Picture Collection comprises forty-four works inspired by the New York Public Library’s picture archive, containing 1.2 million prints, postcards and printed images. “The Picture Collection serves as a tabula rasa where images that are historically inscribed and validated sit beside those that are not.  Continually seeking to discover the patterns, codes, and orders within the image overload of contemporary society, Simon questions the very dynamics of contemporary culture as a process of evolution or one doomed to endless repetition.”  The work was developed alongside the online database created by Artist and computer programmer Aaron Swartz.

Similarly, Dragonfly Photobook responds to the thousands of digital images we have amassed and the exponentially growing database of images.  The work of Dragonfly Photobook created as a means to seek order out of chaos.



Sep 17 2013

Burberry – Authentic Branding for a Global Audience: Angela Ahrendts (Future of StoryTelling 2013)

This is an amazing video describing the way Burberry has engaged its consumers through its act of storytelling.



Published on Sep 16, 2013


Angela Ahrendts and Christopher Bailey have transformed the way Burberry engages with the world, from its consumers to its associates, leveraging disruptive technology to share its pure brand vision through content-rich, compelling storytelling.

Blurring the lines of physical and digital—with a flagship store that mirrors the website and a website which shares live experiences from concerts to runway shows—Burberry constantly challenges itself to keep pace with society.

Angela shares how brands can effectively target millennials and engage global audiences through digitally-led authentic and emotive storytelling.

A Future of StoryTelling Film. Produced by Melcher Media

Jun 27 2013

A collaborative photography project

Everyday Africa is a collaborative photography project initially conceived during a trip to Ivory Coast.  http://www.everydayafricaproject.com/

Their project is described as:  “The common media image of the African continent is one of extremes – but how can we identify the extremes without first establishing the norms? Everyday Africa is a collection of daily life images from across the continent, focusing on the mundane and the familiar. As journalists who have lived or spent significant amounts of time on the continent, we find the extreme not nearly as prevalent as the everyday.”

I find the project fascinating in that it celebrates the activities and people of everyday life.  In this way, it reveals to us a completely different way of looking at this country and its people.

Dec 5 2012

Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards 2012


It is really interesting to see the examples of world-class design and printing of the photobook and to see the evolution of the photobook as a medium.

Check out the winners here:  http://www.parisphoto.com/paris/program/the-paris-photo-aperture-foundation-photobooks-awards


Nov 17 2011

A Film Inspired by 8 Photographs

                                                                                                                                                                                    Bryce Dallas Howard and Ron Howard work on Project Imagin8ion – ©Canon



Project Imagin8ion Contest

Yesterday was the premiere of “When You Find Me”, a short film inspired by Canon’s Project Imagination Contest and directed by Bryce Howard.  I just watched the When You Find Me – trailer and thought that it was really beautifully shot.  I’m looking forward to viewing the entire short film soon sometime in December.  Billed as an Indie film, it’s highly polished and a large production.


Here is the contest description below:

“Welcome to Project Imagin8ion, the first user-generated photo contest in history to inspire a Hollywood short film.  Over the next month, Ron Howard, with the help of Canon and the Project Imagin8ion community will select 8 imaginative photos to set the stage for his next production. These 8 winning photos will inspire the 8 movie themes for this film: setting, time, character, mood, relationship, goal, obstacle and the unknown.

It made us wonder what kind of film  would have made from those same 8 photos from 8 different people.   It also made us wonder how different making a photobook from over a 1,000 photos might be than making a film from 8 photos.   In either case it’s a labor of love!   As the lines between photography and video shot from a camera blur, stories we can tell will become richer and more dynamic.

A Photobook inspired by Video?

It reminded us that we’ve actually been experimenting more and more with HD Video to capture video and export photographic frames for the purpose of making photobooks.

Ten minutes of video will yield:
10 minutes  x  60 Seconds per minute  x  30 frames per second   =   18,000 frames!

It’s an intriguing way to yield images which one could never continuously capture with a camera and a shutter.   Cameras that shoot photographs as well as high quality video are already  here today.  Whether it’s a Canon point and shoot or a Canon D Mark that shoots Full HD Video, there’s a lot of possibilites for the photobook artist.  As amazing technology inexorably advances, and the possibilities expand, the process of great storytelling still remains the same.

Click here for the winning images and some fascinating Video blogs from the winners in their own words. PROJECT IMAGIN8ION

To think that a single photo can inspire an amazing film is truly a mind blowing idea!  Thank you to Canon for conceiving and sponsoring this amazing contest!